Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trafalgar Club dinner

I must begin this entry with an apology. In my blog of 17th Oct I included the following photo and caption:

My home-made smoker. Still looking like something the gypsies left behind!

It has been pointed out to me that this constitutes an outrageous slur on the gypsy community, and I apologise unreservedly. The suggestion that any gypsy, traveller, tinker or didicoy would leave behind a piece of aluminium, a cast iron box, a length of flexible steel pipe and part of a set of scaffolding is, I now accept, utterly ridiculous. They’d have pinched the whole lot.

Having said which, I have worked alongside real Anglicised Romanies of the George Borrow type in the fields of Norfolk and Lincolnshire (in the days before East Europeans took all their jobs), I once spent a summer tatting a household waste landfill with a lad who was recognised by every proper gypsy he met as one of their own, and I remember well Romany Oggi (Chief) and poet Tom Odley, who was a generous and popular member of the British Nationalist movement in the 1970s.

And I used to be an enthusiastic amateur poacher. So I’ve got nothing at all against real gypsies (excepting their eating of hedgehogs, which is going too far even for my serious carnivore tendencies). But there’s no comparison between them – scrupulously clean, proud and willing to lose on a deal to which they’ve agreed rather than lose face, and the Asiatic thieves from Slovakia and Romania or the lowlife scum who the decent Irish very sensibly threw out and who now ruin common land, playing fields and open spaces around most of our major towns.

Another Leftist Lie Exposed

This weekend including Trafalgar Day, it was the time of year for the Eighth Trafalgar Club Dinner. This year’s gathering of our elite fund-raising and dining club was booked into a lovely hotel and country club venue in the heart of rural Warwickshire.

This was a first for new TC secretary Jenny Noble, who I know went to great lengths to find exactly the right place. And her hard work really paid off. With more than 100 members and guests attending the largest Trafalgar Club Dinner so far, the black tie event was a spectacular success, with great food in elegant surroundings, wonderful company and a great deal of satisfaction over another year of progress under our belts.

Everything passed off without a single hitch, despite the unfortunate manager and receptionists having to put up with some two dozen threatening phone calls from the same couple of far-left cowards. Their usual sordid and lie-filled websites went into overdrive trying to get other morons to join in the pressure to get the event cancelled. Indeed, by the Saturday morning they were claiming to have succeeded.

Not surprisingly, no-one was fooled (in fact, the vast majority of our members were totally unaware of the nasty little campaign). The far-left’s recent policy of Crying Wolf about “BNP disasters” is, fortunately, rebounding on them and undermining what very little credibility they had in the first place.

In the event, the only thing to mar an otherwise perfect evening was that disallowed try. If that had gone on the score board then the last fifteen minutes of the game would have centred on getting the ball to Mr. Wilkinson for a drop goal effort, rather than striving for the far harder option of a try. It could all have been so different!

Still, England had nothing to be ashamed of. Our rugby players really are an example to us all, and especially the young – such a contrast to the overpaid, spoilt, sissified, prancing ‘celebs’ who regularly fail so pathetically on the football field, and then blame everyone except themselves and the very real handicap of having the top teams stuffed with foreigners.

Fortunately the game was over by the time I came to speak. The TC Dinner is one event that really deserves a keynote speech so I am pleased that those present respond enthusiastically to my review of the external circumstances now moving things so quickly in our direction, and of our forthcoming steps to increase even further our readiness for the times of great potential ahead.

On the Sunday morning we drive to nearby Stratford on Avon and divide into two groups, each with our own tourist guide. The interest of the walk through the town – in glorious autumn sunshine - is greatly added to by having so many of the minor details of Shakespeare’s association with the place pointed out.

Even once the tours finish and we’ve dispersed to head for lunch or home, there are BNP stalwarts around every corner as people do their own individual explorations of this splendid piece of England’s literary and architectural heritage.

Off to the USA

Monday passes with a rash of deadlines and desk clearing. I finish my article for November’s Identity (about our plans for the newly created BNP Education & Training Department, which will be further unveiled at the Conference in Blackpool on November 17th – 18th. And dash off this – for me – unusually short blog entry.

I’m tempted to give my own (typically more gruesome!) take on the problem of injured rabbits first aired by Simon Darby in his very varied and well-disciplined blog a few days ago, but that will have to wait. It was sad to read about the injured fawn he tried to save. A mark of just what a fundamentally kind and decent man he is can be taken from the fact that the creature’s parents, uncles, aunts and cousins have over the last year systematically devoured every single vegetable that Simon and Donna have tried to grow on their otherwise perfect south-facing patch. Not just beans and lettuces, but even potatoes, onions and garlic. If I was Simon I’d probably be a deerocidal maniac by now.

But I’ve no time for such things at present as I’ve got to clear the decks before heading over to a Black Country meeting this evening and thence to the airport. I’m booked to give several lectures at US Universities on “The Islamification of Europe”, plus various radio and possibly TV interviews on the same subject. It seems that America’s Christians are waking up fast to the long-term threat posed by Islamism and multi-culturalism.

Two important articles

Over here too the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks pens a remarkable piece in the Times.

Headed, Wanted: a national culture. Multiculturalism is a disaster, the only shame is that it wasn’t written by the head of the Church of England. A very important and welcome piece at various levels.

Also an important breakthrough in its own way is an article entitled Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study, which appears in the Guardian today.

This is a report of a study being released in London today by an energy study group headed by a German MP. According to this survey, Peak Oil actually hit last year, and global oil production is now set to fall by a staggering 7% per year. Predictably, the British Government’s response to this civilisation-shattering threat is to turn a blind eye.

The report presents a bleak view of the future unless a radically different approach is adopted. It quotes the British energy economist David Fleming as saying: "Anticipated supply shortages could lead easily to disturbing scenes of mass unrest as witnessed in Burma this month. For government, industry and the wider public, just muddling through is not an option any more as this situation could spin out of control and turn into a complete meltdown of society."

The article confirms that Britain’s own oil production peaked in 1999 and has already dropped by half. With giants like Mexico’s Cantarell and Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil fields also probably past peak production, it really does look as if an energy crisis almost beyond human comprehension is right on the doorstep. Teeming Mexico with crashing oil revenues should be an interesting sight.

Still, the oil won’t run out before I get back from the USA, so details of how things go next time.