Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fall out of Guardian "expose"

A lot of time is taken up over the Christmas/New Year break dealing with the aftermath of the two-day Guardian 'expose' of the BNP's ever-increasing appeal to 'Middle England'. The Doc and I both do interviews with several other papers and media outlets, but far more important is the work with Lee Barnes from our Legal Dept. Lee spends hours on end digging through statutes and case law, including cases from the European Court. We don't approve of EU rules taking precedence over English law, of course, but since it does we must use it whenever we can.

In short order we whack in detailed complaints about the Guardian's McCarthyite bullying (actually that's a bit unfair on McCarthy, who was at least opposing a genuine Communist threat to freedom and democracy) to the Press Complaints Commission, the far more powerful Data Protection Commissioner and the police. We believe that the law is actually pretty clear: The editor and the journalist Ian Cobain (I wonder in passing when his family managed to forget the proper spelling of their fine Gaelic surname, Cobhain?) have broken the Data Protection Act, Theft Act (obtaining goods and services by deception) and Human Rights legislation. The Guardian's legal department claim that they haven't, but do confirm that the information Cobain collected will not be passed to any third parties, and offer to hand it all back if we agree to take no further action. No way! There is here a chance to slam shut the door on decades of 'liberal' intimidation of nationalists. Of course, we have to expect that we will expect an uphill battle in any resulting court action, because the same kind of people also have enormous influence in the legal system, but we will have a serious crack at it.

The Guardian coverage - and material which followed from it - has already worked in our favour in terms of image improvement and public perception. If we can get a result in legal terms as well then the worry, stress and problems which the paper caused to some of our people individually will, from an organisational point of view at least, have been worth it. We take other steps to ensure that those most effected know that they're not alone. Thanks to readers who have taken action on their own account.

A man of principle

One person, ideologically and organisationally definitely not one of us, who takes such action is Dr. Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, who writes a big and thoughtful piece about his duty "to defend the right to free expression of people whose views I do not share" and proceeds to do just that, with particular regard to Simone Clarke, the BNP member who is also lead dancer with the English National Ballet. Dr. Gabb's piece is very well worth reading in its entirety, particularly for its quiet but damning critique of the attitude of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Even in part, however, Dr. Gabb draws the big picture perfectly:

"We have in this country a ruling class committed to political, economic and social globalisation. While some parts of this are consistent with libertarianism, others are not. Much of the consequent association of peoples takes place in a market systematically rigged by taxes and regulations. Much is nakedly coerced through equal opportunity laws and censorship. But whatever libertarians might think of what is going on, large and increasing numbers of people dislike it all.

"Since both main political parties are agreed, opponents have a choice between not voting at all and voting for one of the smaller parties. Many are voting for the BNP. There is a chance that many who do not vote will also vote BNP once it can prove that it is a credible political force. Therefore, the BNP must be destroyed.

”The gentler forms of destruction involve lies. Undoubtedly, the BNP grew out of a national socialist movement. But it does not appear now to be a national socialist organisation. So far as I can tell from its website, the BNP believes in a mixed economy welfare state, with some regard for traditional civil liberties. It also believes that the alleged benefits of this should be largely reserved for English-speaking white people. This is not something that I find particularly attractive. Nor however is it the same as wanting a totalitarian police state plus gas chambers."

In addition to the lies, Britain's best known libertarian spokesman complains about the less subtle means by which the Powers That Be try to obstruct our party, including pressure on printers, political show trials and the denial of banking facilities. He then concludes:

"Now, I am able to say this from a position of safety. Neither I nor the Libertarian Alliance expect to suffer in any measurable degree from this shutting down of debate. We live in a potemkin democracy, where only limited diversity of opinion is tolerated. But even so, there must be some opposition.

"I am fortunate enough to find myself in the licensed opposition. I face no official discrimination that I can see. I am allowed to work in state universities. I am allowed regular appearances in the media. I am not obviously under surveillance. This may be because our ruling class does not regard libertarians as much of a threat. It may be because someone outside the ruling class has to be tolerated, for the sake of keeping up the pretence of liberal democracy. Whatever the reason, we do not operate under any of the disadvantages that the real dissidents of the BNP must take as facts of life.

"This imposes a duty on me and my friends to speak up in defence of the dissidents. Unlike the other “rights” organisations, we believe in freedom of speech with no exceptions. We do not enquire into the substance of a person’s views before defending his right to express them."

By way of a gesture of thanks for his principled stand, though I think that some of Dr. Gabb's libertarian ideas are barking mad, I recommend that anyone who enjoys a good historical novel makes a point of buying, or requesting from their library, a copy of his 'Dark Ages' detective novel, The Column of Phocas. Set in post-Roman Britain and the decaying ruins of imperial Rome, it's a gripping piece of fiction. I shall certainly make a point of getting the sequel when it appears.

Buy it online from Amazon.

Kicked upstairs?

Dr. Gabb's thesis that there is ubiquitous Establishment pressure to frighten potential middle class and highly educated backers away from the BNP suffered a welcome blow with the appointment of my wonderfully effective QC in last year's Free Speech trials, Mr. Timothy King, to the High Court. According to the solicitor who first put us in touch, Tim's promotion to the ranks of our senior judges is long overdue as well as very well-deserved. While I'm delighted for him, the cynic in me can't help but wonder if his preferment just now isn't in fact a way to deny us his services as a barrister in future? Still, even if that was a factor, at least the fact that Mr. King is now Mr. Justice King - and that I must now call him 'Sir' - goes to show that even top-flight professionals can act for the British National Party and still advance their careers. So congratulations, Sir Tim!

Gordon Brown's intemperate and intolerant knee-jerk reaction to the Leeds acquittals in which Tim King played such a crucial part prompts a supporter to create and email me a spoof poster image.

Personally I believe that pictures and satire are immensely powerful weapons politically, and that we should constantly be on the look-out to use them more. Once one or two more generations of mobile phone/miniaturised TV and wireless technology are rolled out and combined, short and funny video clips and animations passed from friend to friend on mobiles will make or break elections. This is a key reason why we must strive to keep and hopefully even extend our current lead over all the other parties with BNPtv.

Another spoof which is drawn to my attention is a very effective bogus 'Labour party' website. relentless ridicules the pompous self-righteousness of New Labour bullying and ethno-masochism. I was also intrigued to find in their 'banned jokes' section a link to a home-made video on Youtube which uses the asylum seeker song 'Brand New Leather Jacket' which I wrote for a laugh a couple of years ago. The way that this very hastily recorded song (no names, no pack drill!) has acquired a life of its own - it's turned up being played on various mainstream local radio stations as well as in things like this - is another illustration of the power of satire.

On the subject of recording, Alan and Dave at Great White Records are now on the final mixing stages of the album using poems/songs of mine, all set to music by various singers and bands. Dave sent me about half of the tracks the other day and I have to say that the artists and recording staff have done a fantastic job. There's a big range of styles, from folk through to heavy rock, and the sound quality is superb. The album title is now settled on - The West Wind - and we should have a firm release date in just a matter of weeks now.

News from Kevin - and more from Keighley

Also arriving in the post the other day was a long and very positive letter from Kevin Hughes, still in Featherstone prison on the word of a bogus asylum seeker. In addition to relating his pleasure at receiving that staggering 1,377 Christmas cards and his determination to rejoin our struggle as soon as possible, he also writes of how he stepped in to stop the morons and losers on his wing from bullying a slight and frightened young Asian lad who he "took under his wing." Nothing could show better how Kevin really is not the racist thug portrayed in the disgraceful police and prosecution case against him. As a result of his decency, Kevin himself became a target for the scum, though all ended well when they were moved off the wing after a couple of days of tension.

Talking of racism, another press cutting from the Bradford Telegraph & Argos arrives in the post. It is in fact not so much a cutting as the entire front page. "Boy, 10, hurt in race hate attack" screams the headline over a story about how a young Pakistani boy was cut by flying glass when a paving slab was thrown through the window of his house, allegedly by a white racist gang. Now, naturally we in the BNP join with all decent-minded people like us in condemning this nasty little attack, and those responsible for it. But then I get out the cutting from the same newspaper, just the day before, to which I referred in my final blog entry of last year. This is an inside page account of a vicious racial attack on a 16-year-old white lad, who was hospitalised after being smashed over the head with an iron bar by a gang of 'Asian youths' just after being racially abused by another such group.

This report appeared on 14th December, and the front page one about the broken window was published the following day. Between them, the two pieces perfectly sum up the point I made in that previous blog about the disgusting disparity between media coverage of racist attacks on ethnic minorities and those on whites. To illustrate the point I pick up a ruler and measure the two respective articles, including the headlines and three photos (Muslim victims only, who's interested in white lads with broken heads?) The story about what could very easily have been yet another iron bar attack racist murder gets just under seven column inches on an inside page. The one about the broken window and the accidental cut that resulted gets 58 column inches, 28 of them on the front page and 30" prominently on page 2.

So criminal damage against a Muslim property, and its accidental knock-on effect, is more than eight times more newsworthy than a white boy being beaten over the head with an iron bar. And the liberal-left still can't understand why so much hatred is festering in places like Keighley and Bradford!

By pure chance, our chap who sends the press cuttings was in the A&E dept. in Airdale Hospital (the staff call it Scare Dale) on the same night that the young iron bar attack victim was there. He describes a school-age girl, in floods of tears, propping up her boyfriend, who was holding his head. Both dressed in Goth style and clearly middle class. "They were neither of them your stereotypical violent nutter types. If they had been, they would not have been within a mile of Lawkholme, the feral variety know better. These quiet types seriously believe - until they get whacked over the turnip that is - what they are taught at school."

And so it goes on. Day after day the national and local media of virtually the entire country (there are a few honourable exceptions) twist and distort both facts and public opinions in a desperate attempt to keep the full scale of the disaster caused by mass immigration from the public at large. Not only desperate, but foolish to boot. Because every time the great suffering of white victims is downplayed compared to the lesser suffering of non-white ones, another white family or group of friends see through the Establishment Big Lie, and some of those come to blame and to hate not the journalists, editors and politicians, but perfectly innocent members of ethnic minorities.

At the same time - an even bigger threat to the stability of coiled spring 'enriched' Britain - every time the suffering of non-white victims is talked up in this way amid wild allegations of 'Islamophobia', another group or three of young Muslims make the mental leap from unfocussed alienation to self-identification as wannabe British Intifada freedom fighters organising the heroic defence of their community against non-existent threats. What will they and their ilk do with that mentality and those defence groups? Well, as the saying goes, the devil makes work for idle hands, and my hunch is that we'll get a preview of where all this is leading if the lead article in this week's Spectator magazine - which claims that Israel has no choice but to nuke Iran within the next few weeks - turns out to be based on fact rather than a push to boost sales figures.

UKIP Hypocrisy

The BBC appear to have realised that Nigel Farage's UKIP is a dual purpose tool - both a stick with which to beat the Tories and a safety valve to syphon off popular sentiment which might otherwise benefit the BNP. It's hard to turn on a TV or radio current affairs programme these days without hearing him. His soundbites on the EU, taxation and East European economic migration are all very well crafted and must be helping to further break up the old Tory logjam in the way of a flood of genuine nationalism, and fortunately from our point of view he also repeatedly expresses UKIP's wholehearted support for mass immigration from the Third World and its 'enriching' effect on Britain.

The utterly unprincipled PC cowardice of this man and his party is highlighted again this week by their attack on EU propaganda aimed at school-kids. Their message is splendid, but the problem is that Farage and his fellow UKIP MEPs themselves voted in favour of this EU indoctrination programme. On Jan 27th 2005, Farage and Co. voted in the European Parliament against their own Constitution to call on the European Commission to implement brainwashing propaganda in British schools by making "European citizenship standard elements in school curricula throughout the EU." Beneath the article, I reproduce the relevant text from the Resolution on 27.1.05:

"The European Parliament...having regard to Rule 108(5) of its Rules of Procedure:

F. Whereas there needs to be an ongoing dialogue with the media about the
way their reporting and commentary can contribute both positively and
negatively to the perception and understanding of religious, ethnic and
racial issues, and to the presentation of historical truth...

5. Reaffirms its conviction are vital
components of the effort to make intolerance, discrimination and racism a
thing of the past, and urges the Council, Commission and Member States to
strengthen the fight against...racism through promoting awareness, especially among young

- making...European citizenship standard elements in school curricula throughout the EU"

The BBC and assorted New Labour spin doctors must think that they're very clever to have hit on the wheeze of building up this phoney 'nationalist' splinter, especially as they know that its leadership couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery (though champagne binges in European brothels are another matter). History will one day record whether, from their point of view, it was such a good idea after all. I suspect that the Law of Unintended Consequences may yet come into play.